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Was started in 2014 by Pazbi after having worked in the city as a Front End Developer and seeing how small businesses, charities and individuals were being ripped off for even the most basic of services.

He has since grown the team of talented people with specialists in different areas to be able to help small businesses develop and improve to meet the tough changes of tomorrow.

If you are interested in working together to improve your business or help you start one on the right foot. Then get in touch to book your consultation.


Web design & Development

We build bespoke brochure websites and exciting ecommerce solutions for any business. All our websites are made specifically for you and come with an onboarding session to teach you how to use it as well as a certificate of ownership.


social media managment

Whether you are looking to sell out an event, launch a product or just create an audience for your content. Whatever your goal, we can help achieve it through social media.


graphic design & branding

From amazing logos to outstanding stationary, brochures, banners, business cards and anything you can think of. We can design it and find the right person for you to get it made.

seo consulting

No matter how beautiful or well made a website, if it isn’t optimised for search engines, not a lot of people will get to appreciate your amazing content.

app design & development

We can design and build not only mobile apps and games but also back office solutions for your business to reduce paper fatigue and make your work life easier and more efficient.

training & business consulting

We offer training for all our services and every website build comes with an onboarding session so you will know how to update it. We also offer consultations for businesses that are stuck and need an outside perspective to get rolling again.



Pazbi zavatzki

Pazbi zavatzki


Passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop.
He has helped hundreds already with their image online and offline. He enjoys teaching as much as designing and developing. 

Panos Vassos

Front End Developer

Panos has been coding for over a decade. A graduate of Westminster University and grown up in the printing industry thanks to his family, has a very practical approach. 

Max Drinan


What’s a website without a message? Pointless pictures. Max can get to the core of your business with but a few words. Essential for every project.  

Milly Durak


Talented designer with experience ranging from typography to packaging, apps to branding. Milly has done it all. 

PAwel Panic


A passionate photographer with an unequaled drive for self development. Pawel is constantly improving and keeping us on our toes. 

Nick Skoulikas


Nick is a minimalist machine, creating beautiful designs with calculated strokes, always making his projects pixel perfect. Part of the Pick N Roll team.

Chris Burton

SEO Specialist

Chris is the Google Guru, the Bing Brainiac, the Yahoo…Yogi? He can get your SEO from unknown to renown in no time. He is also a magician, in case you needed one. 

Agis antonopoulou


Technically trained and obsessed with hand lettering, Agis is as passionate about design as most people are about air.  

Bobby Kingsada


Bobby is a web development student, on a career path as a Front-End Developer. We are glad to have the opportunity to help him on his journey.