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Widgets are magical little things and give you the ability to do just about anything on WordPress. This means that developers can have field days when it comes to finding cool new ways to implement them. Now you might be thinking, what do widgets actually do? Widgets make adding content and features to your site very simple with a quick drag and drop process. By default, WordPress gives its users a few helpful widgets such as search, categories, text and meta however as time goes on, you’ll find that you might need a lot of different widgets such as:







If you aren’t a wiz with widgets, don’t worry too much! This post will cover 10 of the best wordpress widgets that you can use to take your site to a new level.



1: Jetpacks’s Extra sidebar Widgets:


If you don’t know jetpack already, it’s basically a suite full of cool “modules” (plugins). Like plugins, each jetpack module adds an extra feature to your theme. Below you’ll find some of our favourite sidebar widgets:


  • Image widget -Display an image anywhere on your site
  • Twitter timeline widget – show your latest tweets in the sidebar
  • Top posts & Pages widget- You can display osts that are receiving
  • Social media icons- makes displaying links to your social media profiles easy
  • Author’s widget- Showcase all your authors in the sidebar


Check it out here


2: Jetpack’s related posts


Many people use Jetpack for this module alone. Related posts are a great way to increase traffic and engage your audiences. The related posts module displays thumbnails of similar posts that your readers may be interested in.


Check it out here


3:Jetpack site stats


Every section of WordPress can be widgetized, this included the dashboard. Site stats bring the power of analytics tools to your dashboard, this allows you to monitor traffic.


It displays stats on your site’s traffic based on:


  • Page visits
  • Top posts & Pages
  • Clicks
  • Search Engine Terms
  • Referrers
  • Subscription Activity


Check it out here


4: JetPack Social Media Icons.


You can add social media icons to any area of your website and easily customise them with CSS. Supported platforms currently include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, GitHub, Youtube, Vimeo,, Flickr and Google+.


Check it out here 


5: Easy Google Places Reviews


Publishing reviews and testimonials on your site is a great method of promoting your business as it gives your potential clients a credible overview of how you conduct your services. The google places review features:


  • Display up to 5 Google place reviews
  • Randomise order
  • Customise layout and colours
  • Display reviews based on max rating
  • Add a “write review” button.


Check it out here


6: Facebook Events calendar for WordPress


This plugin lets you integrate a public facebook events page to your WordPress website. This plugin is simple and works like a dream. The features include:


  • Showcase your Facebook events.
  • Display your events as a list or calendar
  • User friendly layout with tooltip.


Check it out here


7: Contact Form 7


This simple plugin allows you to manage multiple contact forms. Its flexible usable in several languages and most importantly…free! After you create a contact form, you can paste the shortcode into any widgetized area you wish.


Check it out here


8: MapPress


The process of embedding google maps into a text widget is relatively easy however difficulties arise when you start adding features because you’ll need an understanding of JavaScript. The free version of MapPress grants you the ability to add a google map with driving directions to any  area of your website…perfect for restaurants!


Check it out here


9: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP


Google analytics contains the most comprehensive set of tools for web analytics. This can plug into your wordpress dashboard-this means you can get real-time stats on your site’s visitors.


Check it out here


10: Image Widget


This is an extremely lightweight plugin that can bump up your productivity. Image widget allows you to add many images to your site without all the hassle that you’d normally go through. It automatically handles alignment and resizing and it also has fields for thing such as descriptions


Check it out here