Professional and bespoke designs, that capture the essence of your company, product or character and present it in a unique and compelling way.

Our Methods

How we go from sketches to finished artwork that reflects the best of you and your business.


The best way to start any design is by brainstorming, and the best brainstorming happens on paper. The ideas flow like the ink from the pens, fluid and free. Which gives our designers the freedom to come up with many great prospects.


Once we have a few good prospective logos, we start by refining the designs. Different layouts, colour palettes, fonts. After that we have some shiny gems for you to consider. Once we have a defining winner, we move on to the next stage.


Developing the brand, the consistent voice of your company. From the business cards to the letterheads and envelopes. All your literature needs to have a consistent flow and we make sure it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get the ball started?

Send us an email with your requirements, we will contact you and discuss the project details and book your project in. We will then follow up with a creative brief and a questionnaire regarding what you’d like to achieve and other general requirements you may have.  This will give us a clearer picture of what we can do do help you grow as a business.

How does this process work?

After paying a 50% down payment we will start the project. We do research and create and present concepts to you, with your feedback we will make revisions until you are happy. Once you are satisfied with the final product the second half of the payment will be required. Once both payments have been confirmed, we will deliver the graphic files to you along with the copyright transfer form, giving you the licence to use the graphics hower you like.

How long Does this take?

It depends on which package you decide to take. The Ad Hoc work can start within a few hours. Our LAUNCH package takes roughly 1 weeks to complete. The GROWTH package takes about 2-3 weeks and the EVOLUTION package takes a minimum of 3 weeks and depends on how many extras  are added. All projects are unique and these are just meant as guidelines.

Can I upgrade My Package after Starting?

Yes, you can upgrade to a bigger package, we will need to increase the deposit to be 50% of the total. We will always try to offer the most suitable package for your needs and budget.