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Gorilla Carts & kiosks
Growing b2b Company

Gorilla Carts and Kiosks needed a new website, but before we could design the website we needed to refresh the brand.




Web Design
Stationery Design

Creative Process

As with all our clients, we held a kick off meeting to discuss how we can help Gorilla Carts & Kiosks differentiate from their competitors and bring them to the front of their industry.

Website creation

Having been stuck in a “landing page” phase for a many years, Gorilla really needed a website that would reflect their business professionally, in a modern way. In our kick off meeting we decided that a simple, smooth and appealing website is the goal, that explains what the business does in a more visual way instead of text-heavy. We created custom icons that reflect the values and the industries that the business works under, and using clear, smartly placed Call-to-Actions to prompt potential customers to call or email their company. We used a modern slanted menu that is both appealing and easy to use. These created a fully responsive, smooth, very visual website where potential customers can easily contact the company and start on their projects.

Brand Modernization

As the company has been running for many years, it was important that the identity was not lost. We decided to redraw the characteristic Gorilla using correct proportions and balanced line-thickness, this makes all of the gorilla legible from a distance. We also introduced a more contemporary font that better reflected the industrial and engineering aspect of the company and the yellow flare on the “I” is reminiscent of yellow warning tape, reinforcing the aforementioned industrial look, but also incorporating the bright yellow that played a key role in the previous brand image.