We’ve worked very hard on creating a fresh modern and minimal new brand for our business. We set ourselves a very tight deadline of only 3 weeks ending on the 28th of February. But we finished early and were so excited to show everyone our new logo. 

The idea behind this rebrand came from a few issues, not being able to use the previous logo on dark and light backgrounds, it was overly clunky and didn’t read well accross different mediums or distances. Along with doing the logo though we also needed to revamp the website. We wanted to be daring with this new design and show case our out of the box thinking and pushing boundaries, which is why our site has some rather unorthodox features. We wanted to play with the bold typography and geometry. We feel this iteration of Some Talented People showcases a lot of our collective talents. 

Please leave a comment below and share on social media if you like it and even if you don’t let us know why?

Anyone who chooses to use our services before the 1st of March will still enjoy our lower prices. If you are interested in working with please email us at contact@sometalentedpeople.com.